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Laugh out your sorrows

I belong to the remaining 5% that have not watched Squid game. Interviewer: Why should we give you this job?

Me: Will you do it yourself?When you came back late last night and she never said a word....

It's P. P (profile picture) not DP I mean what the f*ck is Drofile picture. I also don't understand why we say DPYou will never find a girl who eats cornflakes fighting for a man... but the ones who eat ace and morvate Dad why is my sister's name Rose?

Because your mother loves roses

Thanks dad.

No problem weed. So his father loves weed?You do not know concentration until you have to carry this thing from the sink to the freezer. As for me I fill it while it's on the freezer

Alcohol doesn't make you say things you didn't want to say, it makes you say the things that you have been hiding What if one day you get drunk and never get sober again??When you are a witch and you forget to transform back

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DP DPYou Squid


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