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"It took Me 2 Years To Complete This House For My Mum" Lady Shares

Here is a situation where a young woman uses all her lifetime savings to build a house for her mother. He built a house for his mother so that he would be paid for everything he had done for him at the death of his father. ACCORDING

 the young woman, who was an elementary school teacher, took her two years to complete the construction of the house. He prayed to be given his own house as he had built for his mother.

  He writes that this is one of my best accomplishments this year. He was insulted by some people, claiming that he would not build the house for his mother because he was married and because he was not a man, he would get married. Some day he can save money. Others

 People argue that her parents were too lazy to build the kind of home they wanted when they were young. For me, I think it’s every child’s duty to take care of his or her parents when they make it in life.

 I said congratulations to this girl. He did well. If you were in his shoes as an elementary school teacher, would you use your lifetime savings to build a house for your elderly village mother?


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