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Do you have used Plastic bottles at home? You will never throw them away after reading this


Have you ever used plastic bottles in your house? You'll be surprised at what you can do with these!

We always bring a bottle of water with us when we go on a day excursion. We normally consume the entire bottle since staying hydrated is important. When the bottle is empty, what happens to it? We're worried not much; we typically throw it away since we know we shouldn't be refilling it. That's a shame, because there are so many fun and practical things you can do with plastic bottles!

Next time, save your used plastic bottles instead of throwing them away.

Budget garden sprinkler constructed at home

To perform this trick, simply punch few holes in a bottle of water with a nail or a screw. Make sure there are no holes in the side of the bottle that will be placed on the ground. Water draining into the ground like that isn't good for your garden. All that's needed to do now is connect the garden hose to the bottle's mouth, and you're done! You've got yourself a sprinkler for the garden!

Taking the eggs apart

Do you have problems separating eggs on a regular basis? Some recipes ask for only the yolks or just the whites of an egg, which means you'll have to separate the two somehow. When you use a plastic bottle, it's not as messy as it can be. On a (deep) plate, crack an egg. Remove the cap from the plastic bottle and squeeze it a little. Then, while still squeezing, lay the bottle's mouth over the egg yolk and stop squeezing. The egg yolk will be pulled into the bottle, while the egg white will be left behind. It's really simple!

trap for wasps

Do you want a safe approach to trap the wasps that are troubling you in your garden? With a plastic bottle, you can catch them! Fill the bottom half of the bottle with a sweet syrup after cutting the bottle in half (like lemonade). Place the top half of the bottle upside down in the bottom half, with the mouth facing downwards. The wasps will swarm the delicious substance in search of a food, but they won't be able to get out of the bottle again.


Did you want to bake a batch of cookies but realized you didn't have any cookie cutters until it was too late? Here's where a plastic bottle comes in helpful once more. Cut it in half and cut out the cookies with one of the halves.

Air conditioning manufactured at home

It's quite simple to make your own air conditioner out of a plastic bottle. All you'll need is a fan and two bottles of frozen water for this. A fan is a fantastic thing to have in and of itself, but it only blows warm air around without actually cooling the space; however, with this hack, you can accomplish just that! Fill two large bottles halfway with water and place them in the freezer until completely frozen. Then, on top of a folded tea towel, set the bottles on the floor (or on a table if you have a standing fan). Placing the fan behind the bottles is a good idea. The fan will then blow incredibly cool air about your house, generated by the ice in the bottles. The temperature will be lowered as a result of this.

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