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UMndau is the Spirit that destroys you so that you find your purpose in life - OPINION


Most of us are well informed with what uMndau is but we don't know how uMndau operates in a simple sentence " uMndau is the Spirit that destroys you so that you find your purpose in life "

Here you are you just got divorced, relationships are not working , jobless, broke as hell , emotional and Mentally heavy,

All of sudden you consult and you told you have a calling things get worse family starts to hate you , you loosing friends , your life is falling apart right infront of your eyes.

Now you start taking this thing of a calling serious you join Facebook groups to ask questions and get answers. This is just the innocent side of trying to put pieces together and fix things and the you find people who comment nonsense on your post but its fine. Dreams are haunting you the more you try to fix things its like you making them worse enhlek i movie sihlobo.

So here you are depressed to a point that you even taking Anti- depressants, tried committing suicide but didn't succeed. Now you have reached the rock bottom congratulations .

This means u Mndau its done destroying you then he steps back. There comes your Mnguni and Mlozi ancestors now you start dreaming about beads, cloths, snakes now the leading ancestors are introducing themselves to you who they are. Now the question is what now Makhosi?

Its in the duty of u Mnguni and Mlozi wakho to take you from the rock bottom and take you back to where you were before and return everything you lost even more. But now if you return back you will no longer be walking the same path you won't be the Normal Phindile but now you are the Spiritual Awaken Phindile walking her purpose life path.

uMndau destroyed you to find yourself.

2 things I want you to note if you already in the Ndau stage and you have water Mndau you will dream of dead snakes , being underwater and seeing people you don't know who speaks a foreign language . If you have Earth Mndau you will dream of a funeral of someone who passed away but his alive in that dream.

The dream is actually speaking to you that the old you needs to die and be reborn as a new person. If you see this dreams you must know it has started.

That's why we don't thwasa or khuphula u Mndau we Parula(Convert) changing the spirit from being the dark destroying uMndau to being uMndau the healing Ukfemba spirit.

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