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Top 10 Home Remedies For Pimples

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

An extremely popular remedy, yet it requires to be done with a lot of caution as it can cause irritant reactions. A ratio of 1:3 is used to create a solution that can be damned on the pimples twice a day very cautiously kept on for half a minute and then washed off. The lactic acid and succinic acid in this vinegar provides anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action on the pimples.

2. Honey And Cinnamon

Honey and cinnamon both are considered to work well. A 2:1 ratio can be used effectively to dry out and decrease scarring of your pimples or can be used as a complete face mask. It tends to have a drying effect on the skin and needs to be applied only after a patch test.

3. Honey

Those with sensitive skin might be allergic to the above combination. You can use plain honey for your acne due to its soothing and moisturising properties which bring the inflammation down. Spot application for full face can be done.

4. Tea Tree Oil

This can be used in dilution of a 1:8 ratio as tree tree oil tends to be very strong and irritant when applied undiluted. Always dilute the essential oil in a carrier oil first. 4- 5% tea tree oil formulation is ideal for the skin. It can be combined with an oil free, acne friendly moisturising gel.

5. Aspirin

Yes, it is surprisingly cheap and effective. A mixture of 1:3 aspirin to water can be used with honey or curd or both and applied as a face mask or spot application for about half an hour till it dries out. Clean your face before using it as a home remedy for pimples.

6. Rosemary Extract

This is a very popular antibacterial and antioxidant oil. Apply on your pimples with a cotton bud or cotton ball and wash away in 15 to 20 minutes.

7. Green Tea

Not only is it good for ingestion but also for skin care. It is filled with antioxidants and also bacteria fighting properties which make it very effective to just spray on the face or applied specifically on your acne using a cotton bud. Normal preparation of green tea can be cooled down to be used.

8. Jojoba Oil

This shrub derived oil also has anti-acne properties and can be used after dilution in a clay mask, moisturising cream or gel formulations or can also be applied as a spot application on the pimples.

9. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera contains salicylic acid and sulphur that help efficiently in bringing down the redness, pain and drying up the pus in the pimples, ultimately soothing the skin. Use it directly from your plant if you are not allergic to it. Try spot application first.

10. Cucumber Ice

Make cucumber paste in your blender and freeze it as cubes. This can be used for very painful reddish inflammatory pimples to calm them down and bring you relief from the pain immediately.

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