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People who are really having a bad day

Are you having a bad day and you just can't wait for it to be over? Well wait until you see this one. A bad day can mean something different from the next person but at the end of the day, it all comes back to one thing. Just a bad day.

We have some pictures that might just make you change your mind about having a bad day and please try not to laugh about it.

This guy is definitely having a bad day. From being black and in just a few minutes you turn white half body? It's not something that happens everyday. It is very rare.

You come back from work and this is what you find. You might just even think of making a u-turn.

From flame to lame, something must be done here before people get offended.

I think you really need to be sober to enter this house at your own risk

Just hope that this was not a hew phone at all.

Just as you are sure that you are putting in the straw but only to find that you have to find another way of drinking.

Well the owner of this money claims that he got the money like that from the ATM, which came as a surprise. Only stolen money can have that kind of a dye. Maybe we should call 10111.

Imagine you are waiting for the taxi to work and you are already late. What do you do in this situation, do you go back home change and still try to make it to work or do you call it quits?

So now that car is stuck there until construction is finished. The owner of the car must just be hopeful that there is no corruption involved because it might take even two years just to cover the hole.

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