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Water spirits are dangerous respect them

People with mermaid spirit, tell me something ge o tshaba metsi ole ngwana wa mamokebe bothata ke eng, are you possessed ke mermaid e tlhorontshang batho or what.

A person with a mermaid spirit is always clean and beautiful ( woman or man) they can live in a dirty house but not their bodies.

Having a mermaid spirit doesn't necessarily mean you have healing powers. Most like art like painting, drawing, singing, whatever we call art.

People with this spirit must use most of the time sea salt and sea water to connect with their spirit and must often visit the beach and bath in sea water. In their consulting they keep sea shells and sea water.

Next time I see you with mermaid spirit and you look like street kidI will say bad things. because people with this spirit love beautiful things naturally.

And they love money too.. on my right hand ear I wear 5 earrings and on left 3 I also pierced my nose in honour to my mermaid spirit, but I couldn't sustain gold in my mouth because of my other water spirits.

As a mermaid child if you love bling bling wear it that is how you honour your spirit (mermaid) remember to cleanse all your spirits before accepting them.

we don't want you to end up with a spirit that destroys your life instead of opening paths for you.

Have yourself a blessed monday 👏🏼👏🏼

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