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5 Things That Makes Men Unattractive

In addition to the obvious things like:

Personal grooming

Untidy physique

Bad fashion

And other physical characteristics.

Men are unappealing for a variety of reasons, chiefly five.

What's best? They are entirely based on how you present yourself and have NOTHING to do with your ancestry or physical appearance.

These are them.

A Fixed Mentality

To me, having a fixed mindset is the least appealing quality (for both men and women).

We are living in historically remarkable times.

Greater than at any other point in human history, we have access to more information, experience, and computational capacity.

We have self-made BILLIONAIRES who are 20 years old.

And yet, so many men have a gloomy outlook on life and a "I can't do that" mentality.

They are resentful and envious of others, but they are never willing to put in the effort and face the struggle themselves.

You should choose a growth attitude instead.

Know that you can learn anything, develop any talent, and turn any deficiency you have into a strength.

When you adopt a growth mindset, you stop thinking of yourself as having a fixed identity based on your personal narrative (e.g., I'm an alcoholic, I'm dyslexic, I'm not smart, etc.).

Instead, you imagine yourself as a work of art that can be carved and sculpted into incredible things. if you're prepared to shell out the cash.

You then possess the capacity to emerge as genuinely alluring to the globe.

2. Pessimism

Nobody like being around folks who gripe and grumble all the time.


The single most repulsive conduct that comes to mind, it destroys many social interactions on contact.

Here's a quick tip to help you look more appealing. QUIT COMPLAINTS.

Seriously, if you have nothing encouraging to say, keep your mouth shut.

3. Reliability

Guys, guess what?

Whatever you do, however hard you work, or how much money you earn... You'll pass away.

So why don't you unwind and take it easy?

So many men behave as though they have a stick up their butt, as though life is a struggle, and as though their existence is of the utmost importance.

It isn't.

more enjoyable

Be a stupid child.

Speak your mind while having fun.

Stop taking yourself too seriously.

People that exude good vibes and positive emotions are more attractive.

And when everything is taken seriously, you can't do that.

4. Ambition deficit

Where you are right now doesn't matter to me.

You could be sweeping floors for the minimum pay.

However, you can't be eager to remain there.

For the majority of the women I know, a lack of ambition is one of the biggest turnoffs.

The woman of your dreams doesn't require you to be a millionaire to be appealing; rather, you must have the drive to surpass your present circumstances and accomplish more.

5. Being an a**hole

In a nutshell.

If you're a d!ck to others, mean, arrogant, rude, or just generally unpleasant... You don't look good.

Being a d!ck is not cool in any way.

Everyone nearby finds it grating and bothersome.

This does not exclude you from making crude jokes, insulting your friends, or exchanging snarky remarks.

Genuine meanness, though, is among the world's most repulsive attitudes.

So, please, be polite to others.

Here are my top five. How's yours doing?

Please share your thoughts in the section below and, as always, keep it real.


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