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Try this method of safety candles with honey you will thank me later


Every 11 and 22 days of the month we have the potential to increase mass !!

Remember️ Remember that these days will grow stronger and more successful so it is very important to take advantage of the high vibrations of these numbers (11 and 22)

You do not need to make your own honey candle, there is no need to make any applications because within the candle itself and the magic of all the numbers of energy and purpose is needed !!!

You️ If you can't find a honeycomb I recommend you use a white candle with honey spread all over it (this is only if you can't have a real candle) Try not to find a honeycomb thread or it will come out or it won't light at all.

-If the candle goes out before it is finished DO NOT try to light it again.

-️-The rest of these honey candles do NOT want to be read, just throw away remains

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