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10 signs that you are insecure

In this article, you are going to learn about the signs that you lack self-confidence. Insecure people tend to hide their imperfections while confident people on the other hand are open about them. They say them out loud which makes it easy for other people to be around them. This means that you need to accept what you can't change about yourself. Here are the signs that you are insecure.

1. You love expensive brands

You can't wear anything that doesn't have a logo. You buy clothes that are too expensive even though you know that you are not making that much money. There is nothing wrong with expensive clothes. It only becomes a problem if you are doing it to impress others. Confident people don't buy clothes they can't afford just to impress others. Yes, I know that price means quality and you should buy them for that reason, not to fill the void inside.

2. You buy clothes you don't like

This happens a lot to immature university students. The number one reason you are doing this is that you want to fit in and be liked. Wearing clothes you don't like will make you feel less confident. Confident people don't need to follow trends because they are comfortable in their skin. You should only wear what is trending because you like it, not because you want to be liked.

3. You always talk about yourself

We all love to talk about ourselves. We all want to be seen as cool. We all want to brag about how amazing our weekend was. We all want to be noticed. The problem is that an insecure person doesn't give other people a chance to talk. They always want to be the attention.

4. You crave attention

Insecure people depend on other people's approval to feel good about themselves. They always need recognition for everything they do. They feel as if they are not worthy if they are not noticed.

5. You are lonely alone

You barely spend 30 minutes alone without getting bored. This is because you feel nothing when you look at yourself in the mirror. You always need to be around others to feel alive and happy. Loneliness can ruin your life. Many people turn to alcohol and drugs to fill the emptiness inside.

6. You can't go without makeup

This only applies to women. Insecure women cannot leave the house without makeup. If you are the type who can't even go to the grocery store without makeup, this is the major sign that you are not happy with what you are in the mirror.

7. You bully others

Insecure people tend to raise their voices and push others around to appear superior. They want to gain respect aggressively. Bullies only attack weak people who can't stand up for themselves. Confident people on the other hand encourages others to be better versions of themselves.

8. You put others down

This is the same as gossiping. Insecure people are those who talk bad about others, pointing out their weaknesses. This is because you compare yourself to others. You are too busy trying to find ways why you are better than others instead of focusing on your life

9. You take criticism too personally

Yes, some people deliberately want to put you down. Those are toxic people you don't want to pay attention to. Sometimes criticism is there to make you stronger if you apply it correctly. Insecure people are afraid to try new things because they fear the opinions of others

10. You are envious of other people's success

This is because you compare yourself to others. You feel as if other people's successes are your failure. Instead of being inspired by their success, you feel bitter. You always feel like you can do better.

Now, it's time to hear from you. What are other signs that a person is insecure? Or which of the points I mentioned above you don't agree on? Please live a comment below.

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