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Spiritual ritual that will give you more power to face your evil spirits

You won't find this else where, I'm willing to share with you the BACK TO SENDER RITUAL.





Dry Bay leaves 

12 Needles 

Please be cautious when you try this spell it is very dangerous.

Take Your Needles place them one by one on your green apple.say what you want to happen to the person by placing the needles one by one until you reach seven.

 light the red candle place 5 remaining needles saying what you want to happen to that person. put the candle in the middle of the two white candles. and light the middle one first(red) then light the two white.

Take your dry bay leaf write the person's name. and think in your mind what you want to happen to them. don't talk to anyone while performing this ritual, burn the bay leaf with the red candle that has 7 needles.

After finishing all the ritual, take the red apple dig on your back yard place the apple inside a plastic bag with any bones (chicken or beef?). wrap the plastic and cover that plastic it has to be out of reach after that go inside the house and never look back.

When you in the house Immediately take Holy ash and Spirit.

Cleanse yourself off all the deeds you've done and SAY THIS, (ALL YOU'VE DONE TO ME WILL GO BACK TO YOU say their name) say it while you washing yourself.

Please be careful that you want to do this it is very dangerous and the information about it is very limited

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Dry Bay Needles


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