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Nigerian Nationals Arrested In South Africa For Scamming People

Internet fraud is a sort of cybercrime fraud or deception that involves the concealment of information or the provision of false information with the intent of defrauding victims of money, property, or inheritance. Internet fraud is not a unique, distinct crime; rather, it encompasses a wide range of illegal and illicit activities carried out in cyberspace. It is distinguished from stealing, however, because in this situation, the victim freely and intentionally provides the offender with information, money, or property.

In South Africa, internet fraud or scamming takes place every year, especially during the festive seasons when people husle their way out of getting money from people. It does not just happen on the internet, it also takes place in public spaces. 

 Perry Osagiede, Enorense Izevbiege, Franklin Edosa Osagiede, Osariemen Eric Clement, Collins Owhofasa Otughwor, Musa Mudashiru, Prince Ibeabuchi Mark, and Toritseju Gabriel Otubu, all Nigerian nationals, appeared in court for the first time on Wednesday.

The defendants, aged 33 to 52, were apprehended in Cape Town for computer frauds, money laundering, and large-scale financial fraud.

The operation was launched after South Africa approved mutual legal assistance from US federal authorities.

The accused are also said to be linked to a transnational organized crime ring based in another country.More than 100 victims, according to the FBI, lost more than R100 million.

Internet fraud takes place on many occasions, and it is important to beware of your surroundings as well as how you use the internet, because a lot of scams take place there, which might also get someone in trouble.

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