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Opinion| we must send sassa memorandum for our invalid rejections and long-pending statuses.

Sassa applicants are angry for their invalid rejections and long-pending status.

Most of the people are complaining about their status that has been on pending for a long period, while others are rejected for invalid reasons. It seems like sassa doesn't take this matter seriously and people are threatening to go on strike at sassa offices.

Thabo Dithakgwe invited everyone who has problems with his status of Social Relief of Distress Grant to join the strike online by sending more complaints to the sassa website, and warning them if they don't take action on our pending and invalid rejection we will have to visit their office and make sure that they listen to us and fix this problem.

We are tired of people eating our money and pretending that they want to help us, soon we will be voting and they will promise us many things but after votes, they will forget us. This time around we won't allow them to do this to us. Now they released a statement that R11M has been received by the wrong applicants by there is no arrested that has been made so far, clearly this person they are playing with our minds, they play the game with us.

They should give people valid reasons and stop hiding their system, always when you tell them your problem, they will tell you that their system was down. Their system did this, and that. Most of the people who truly need this money didn't get it, and those who don't even need it, got it when you ask how come they will tell you of their system errors and stuff.

Anyone who has a problem with their Social Relief of Distress Grant please kindly drop your comments below, we want to send a sassa list of people who have problems, don't forget to share with others and like. Follow us for more updates.

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Sassa Thabo Dithakgwe


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