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The Eastern Cape Liquor Board says it will lay criminal charges against the owner of the Tarven

The Eastern Cape Liquor Board says it will lay criminal charges against the owner of the Enyobeni tavern at Scenery Park in the Eastern Cape, where at least 21 young people were killed on Sunday morning.

He won't be prosecuted, just allow tarven owners to sjambok all these mickey mouses who always force themselves in to such events.

Its more like saying these mickey mouse kids must always force themselves to such events since they won't be held accountable.

I hate nonsense, always looking for someone to blame, the same way you blame school teachers. Poor teachers are even scared of your notorious mickey mouse kids.

Suspecting There is no poisoning, there is no stampete, nothing, This is all sacrifices to the devil... Never in anyway would those kids be dead, This illuminate thing

And blame to the parents. We ought to blame the tarven owner But when you are a parent, How do you sleep at night knowing that your 13 year old child is. Not at home at 7 in the evening.

It is unfortunate that we have to wait for tragedy to happen in order to discuss this. Back then they were inspectors, inspecting shops, tarvens and etc. To check if they're operating under law or good condition. Charge parents and leave the owner.

What does the liquor board do to enforce liquor laws, do they normally send inspectors to it operating members, or they only pocket liquor licence fees? When last did they send their inspectors to check up if the enyobeni lounge follow the liquor board rules. They were quick to blame the owner, saving faces.

The honest truth is we are failing as parents. It could be that we are the generation that grew up without parents and we find ourselves having to do the job we don't know. But the fact is we are failing at this parenting thing.

We blame everything else In the world but not us.

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