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The Cameroonian Man Who Allegedly Raped 4 Girls In Johannesburg Has Been Arrested; See Why He Did It

Many strange things have been happening in South Africa, from the news of violent protest in thembisa three days ago which led to death of many innocent and guilty individuals and also destruction of public and private properties including schools, houses, cars, even shops.

Although many things have been trending on all social media platforms about what's happening in South Africa, a particular news has been making the headlines on all reputable news sources.

Before I go deep into this article, I would like to briefly explain what's “rape”. Rape simply means unlawful sexual assault, forcing your partner, friend or strangers to make love with you without them saying yes to your request is classified as rape.

A 25-year old cameroonian boy has been the center of attraction on the internet, according to many reputable sources, it was stated that the foreigner raped four girls in Johannesburg and has been arrested by the police for further punishment. When asked by the eye witnesses the reason why he did it, he said; “It's the devil's work”

Many people have been sharing their thoughts on this news, some told the police to sentence him in prison immediately even without fair hearing while some said that they are something not right in the case, therefore demanding that the police should do a necessary background check before sentencing him to prison.

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For me, I'm not in anyway supporting rape or any sexual violence, but I think it's not possible for a single guy to tape four women, I think that something is not right with the case.

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