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Parade protest


Foreigners have taken things too far in Limpopo, read what they did

South African has turned into an unruly country where everyone does whatever is convenient with them.

Protests keeps being held and while that may cause the escalation in number of new infections, people just don't care.

Not long ago, Zuma held a match for his supporters before his arrest and prior that, Malema and his party held a protest and the country was still on strict lockdown rules.

Now Somalian's are also holding their own protest and South Africans aren't happy with all of that, they are saying , foreigners have now gotten too comfortable in South Africa that, they do what pleases them.

"I know the place very well and it's insane man for such to happen but who do we blame when our families also played part in selling homes to them," one wrote

" It's time we correct this, politicians don't feel anything for us", another commented.

"In block G, most houses were owned by South Africans (Vha Venda) are now owned by these guys, I also saw a Chinese company manufacturing bricks and you ask yourself huri how did they get the land, who sold it to them", another added.

South Africans are crying for help but people in power are quiet because they are not affected by any of this.

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