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Parade protest


'This Is What Is Happening Now In Soweto

There is a group of people who are doing a violent protest, the group is going around Mooki & Sofasonke Str in Orlando East, Soweto. The road is currently closed off with rocks, rubble and branches due to the continuous protests in the area. Motorists are advised to avoid and to use Klipspruit Valley Rd & Martha Louw Str as alternatives. Apparently the group is protecting for electricity, it is alleged that they have not been having electricity for two years hence they have decided to take action.

The thing that is very worrying to a lot of people is the fact that this group is only disrupting other members of the public who are as innocent as them, burning things will not bring electricity but make things worse for them. Most protestors have a tendency of burning items and disrupting economic activities when protesting, they forget about people who run businesses in their areas as well as investors. No investor would invest in such areas not to mention countries, meaning once an investor sees such happening...they will just feel like it is not safe to invest in such countries.

It is very funny how people are suffering under the ANC government but still vote for them, they are doing all this just to get the party to act but the government always chooses to turn blind eyes. They always act like they care about people when election time is approaching, they know that people choose to forgive and forget then vote for them. Especially old people, they give them t-shirts, grant and some food then everything else is not even considered. It is so sad how we still have very old people voting for the youth's future, it is quiet clear that.the group is unaware of what is happening out here.

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