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The 80-Year-Old Who Was On The List Of The Insurance Killer Is Defending Her In Court


The mother of the former South African Police Services Officer, Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu is testifying at the High Court sitting in the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court.

During her all her explanations about how the behaviour of her ex-police officer daughter could have interpreted that she was a guilty person or person with intentions to murder her whole family, but she completely denied everything and made it look like she was innocent.

However, to members of the public it seemed like she was defending her daughter all along, so many people are saying this is another incident of “like mother like daughter” where the mother doesn't understand the gravity of the charges.

Considering the fact that the eighty-year-old woman was once in the hit list not even a long time ago, just recently when she wanted to execute her younger sister alongside have five children and it is believed that she murdered six family members including her lover.

Whom when questioned about his death, she completely broke down in court despite her behaviour that she was exhibiting in the previous day. Where she was making derogatory gestures towards the court, as well as the camera men who were taking pictures of her.

She proceeded to pose and then from posing which was very questionable from members of the public shouldn't talk to exhibit this kind of aggressive behaviour, and from then she's starting to break down and now her mother is defending her seems like all these things are planned because now she is totally behaving like the victim in this incident.

This is not a confession because this poor granny didn’t even witness anything, she is just getting a glimpse of what has been going on because to her the death if her younger relatives and children wasn’t strange.

As for this cop, she is full of drama only God knows how she made herself look like the victim in all of this, we are now going to see our NPA who fall to change the rules of the justice system because it is completely flawed will have to the incompetent National Prosecuting Authority will lose this case, I can already see it.

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