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Video of an African woman plating a white girl had whites and blacks arguing about racism

People are discussing a video that has gone viral showing an African woman plating a white girl. Tweeted @shannonsharpeee: "Bro, I'm in tears, she is in pain" was the caption for a 28-second clip of the woman's suffering. A woman braids a crying girl's hair in the video. Some blacks said whites were black fishing, while others said whites were racist. They informed the group that cornrows were already in use at the time, and that it was OK for anyone to wear them. 

@Devaneood12 said, "Black people cry about racism 24/7, then seize the first opportunity to be racist." 

"My hair has needed a change like this. Having that experience will undoubtedly deepen my connections to the black community, which is something I greatly value. To be honest, I think I would, too." Tweeted @Gary McStephenson. 

"Is it a form of racial trauma to have your hair yanked on needlessly at the salon? If you desire a certain haircut, why should a young girl have to go through pain to get it for you? If that's the case, then black women should risk burns whenever they choose to straighten their hair." According to @JackDawKlaxon. 

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