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We will Squeeze illegal Foreigners | They have suffocated our Country | Post

The requests that are by local South Africans for foreigners to leave the country is growing everyday, online post about various things that are not wanted by South Africans that are being conducted by foreigners are posted, and protests are , South Africans are saying they will not stop until they see foreigners who they believe are destroying the country leaving, they have said they've seen that foreigner are up to no good for the country they destroying the country, they're stealing entry level jobs, in the streets and homeless destroying the country, committing crimes rape, defrauding, scamming, illegal documents, robbing, hijacking, trading drug human trafficking, prostitution, smuggling cars, killings those are the things that South Africans are angry about and want foreigners to leave, the evidence that is provided from the reports of the police and from ordinary South Africans that encounter this thing continue to increase the energy of these South Africans who are requesting the foreigners to leave, however foreigners are fighting not to leave using various means they can use, but it's not stopping South Africans from what they want. The put South African first initiative was protesting few day backand it seems they protested more few days back in Johannesburg in what they said is operation Dudula.

The post was posted online and a video showing people protesting and lifting up boards and posters of what they want. The post said they're going to squeeze illegal immigrants to the point where they will have no choice but the country, the initiative puts South African first is focusing on various things to protest for to have their requests, protesting against shops and companies that are employing foreign Nationals and speaking against leaders that seems to be in support of foreigners and not doing anything to see that illegal immigrants are deported and borders are secured and South Africans are in charge.



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