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ANOTHER Gupta-owned company has lost its legal challenge

ANOTHER Gupta-possessed organization has lost its legitimate test to a North Gauteng High Court request, compelling it to pay nearly R89 million of an R123m credit it got from the Bank of Baroda.

One of the companies owned by the fugitive Gupta family has lost its challenge to a high court ruling ordering it to pay almost R90 million for a loan it obtained from the Bank of Baroda.

Add-on Distribution's offer was to attempt to topple the judgment of the North Gauteng High Court driving it to repay the cash.

The extensive fight in court between the sister organization of the disputable family's Sahara Computers began when it acquired R123m from India's global bank.

Add-on Distribution's inability to pay prompted the bank sending off a bid to exchange the organization, which was conceded in May 2020.

North Gauteng High Court Judge Mandla Mbongwe said that since May 2020 the two players have attempted fruitlessly to determine the matter until they concurred that one more Gupta organization, Confident Concepts, is subbed as the Bank of Baroda's indebted person and the arrangement was struck in July 2020.


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Sahara Computers and Confident Concepts likewise owe the bank a large number of rand.

"It is conceived that the obligations of these three organizations, possessed by the Gupta family, would be united in the arrangement of replacement of borrower and paid Confident Concepts from the returns of the offer of another sister organization Islandsite 180 (which is likewise in liquidation)," the appointed authority clarified.

Altogether, the Guptas owe Bank of Baroda R123m and Annex Distribution is liable for R88m of the obligation.

It additionally arose in court that the Guptas were relying on Sahara Computers' nearly R20m held by the SA Reserve Bank (SARB) to partially settle their obligation.

A portion of their organizations' business salvage specialists had trusted that the SARB would deliver the cash and guaranteed the Bank of Baroda that they would offer their airplane to reimburse the monetary foundation, which was recently authorized by the national bank for shortcomings in their controls to counter potential tax evasion and psychological oppressor financing.

Last year, the high court observed that Confident Concepts had neglected to satisfy the conditions set out for it to assume control over the obligation.

Judge Mbongwe later observed that there was no substantial replacement of Annex Distribution as an indebted person of the Bank of Baroda moving from the understanding, which had regardless passed because of non-satisfaction of the conditions.

"Fulfilled that the respondent (Bank of Baroda) had demonstrated that the candidate (Annex Distribution) stayed unequipped for paying its obligation in the sum in the request for R88 824 232.42, I conceded a request for the last liquidation of the candidate as far as area 344(f) read with segment 345(1)(a) of the Companies Act 1973," the appointed authority clarified.

The Guptas later pursued the decision, yet Judge Mbongwe was unconvinced.

He observed that a passed arrangement couldn't sire a substantial replacement of account holder and that Annex Distribution stayed obligated to the Bank of Baroda in the conditions.

"I find, in the current matter, that the allure has no sensible possibility of accomplishment; that there are no convincing conditions for the enticement for be heard and, at long last, that there are no clashing decisions as to the observing that an arrangement containing conditions point of reference becomes void stomach muscle initio (no legitimate impact from initiation) where there has been none satisfaction of conditions point of reference and waiver of rebelliousness has nor been asserted nor set up.

"Pass on to request is, subsequently, rejected," Judge Mbongwe said.

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Guptas lose bid to overturn R90m judgment for Bank of Baroda loan (


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