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Another Township joins the Protest against illegal mining in Gauteng, see videos below #Mohlakeng

08 August 2022


Another Township in Johannesburg had joined a protesting against illegal minners. The community of Mohlakeng on the West Rand are protesting against illegal miners on Monday on the 08 August 2022. There are many townships who are tried of illegal mining so there are joining the protest also.

South Africans are trying to stand together and fight the violence and the level of crime. That is the reason other townships are joining the protest to show the president that there are tired of this. These news were actually reported live on eNCA bews this morning. Such news gives hope to people that something is done about these foreigners.

Residents actually want to confront suspected illegal miners in the area. They will want to see their ideas and to give them a chance to clear their name. But the community doesn't want to stay with any illigal miners around their area at all.

Last week Thursday one person was actually killed when violence erupted in Kagiso as community members were raided at the mining shafts. There were searching for all the the illegal miners and arrest them. Some were beaten up by the community just to show how angry they felt that moment.

The police tactical response team, the AmaBhatethe will be deployed in Kagiso on monday to combay illegal mining operation in the erea. Even rhe Mohlakeng township want the police to come in their area to chase away foreigners. Because most of them will run and hide at their township.

They started their own protest this morning and they hope nothing will stop them. There are not violating any rules or the law. There are doing a cool protest with no violence inside so the police do not have to arrest them. They just want to be heard just like other townships.

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