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No African is a foreigner in Africa. Nobody is taking jobs everyone belongs here. OPINION

Some people say it's mental slavery whereby a person is designed to think as certain way , and at times people are taught wrong things that make them think in a different way from others. The Imperialist came to Africa and drew lots as they devided Africa by drawing borders while separating people , and so we are made to think that someone from across the border is a foreigner when we are actually same people. The Tsongas in Mozambique and those in Giyane South Africa are the same people. The Ndebeles in Zimbabwe are the same people with those in South Africa , same applies to Africa as a whole we all are brothers we need to learn to love one another.

During the liberation struggle under the oppression of the Apartheid rule , our liberation heroes found refugee in other countries and they played a vital role in helping us gain our freedom. It is our turn to give a helping hand to a brother who helped us before when we needed help. South Africa as we know it today it is the land of opportunities some might say is the land of milk and honey depending on how they choose to interpret it.

There is nobody taking anyone else's job here because we all belong here and I know many people will disagree but I will explain why I say that. Most business owners or should I say employers are South African citizens why do they hire foreigners? Well I will explain why they hire foreigners it is because they are hard workers. Business owners want their businesses to succeed and therefore they hire hard working individuals of which most of them are foreigners.

Pick any hospital around the country you will find out that most top doctors are Nigerians and Indians. It's because the South African Healthcare system wants the best of best to keep the country safe and they happen to be foreigners.

An optimistic person will always seek more opportunities because he is driven and goal oriented , while a pessimistic person will look for mistakes and excuses but they don't think of solutions to better themselves or change their lives. However in my opinion as individuals we have to continue learning and gaining more skills to better our opportunities. Even if all non South African citizens are to leave the country today those pessimistic people will start pointing fingers at other tribes or race saying that they take all jobs , because they always look for mistakes and excuses but no solutions.

While opinion differs at the end of the day each and every person is entitled to his or her own opinion. This is your platform you can leave a comment below and share your views.

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