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There may be 2 ways for Rosemary to come out of prison - read more (Opinion)


The sentence of Rosemary has been decided but then there are some questions that are that are arising within all of us, the first question that comes to my mind is that will she spend all the years in prison or will she break through? You know the saying that says "money talks" so as she has been sentence to life in prison, it can happen that she can hire some people to break her out.

She may come out as a corpse or maybe possible by hiring people to set her free if she stands the chance.

Or she can break out herself even though this case is very few, it might happen if there be a possibility. Remember that she had the guts to kill all her family members so that she can benefit from their death, so that she can have the money for their funeral covers, now someone who did something like this, will not hesitate to hire more people to try and free her out.

She is sentenced to life imprisonment because she had murdered about 6 people, and those people of which are her own relatives, her own family, her own flesh and blood, so how can she hesitate to do something even more, something like setting herself free, for this we do not know but there are possibilities that could lead to this.

What do you think as a reader? Do you think that she will spend all of this years behind bars or do you think that she will break through? Let us hear your thoughts in the comment box down there. What is your take on this matter? What do you think about the sentence that she's been given?.

I for one would say that life imprisonment serves her for good, but it is more like a waste of food and some more materials, I wonder why did they give her life imprisonment instead of death penalty.

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