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NEWS24 | An old lady sentenced to life in prison for raping a mentally disturbed man

A 55-year-old woman has been sentenced to life in prison for raping a mentally challenged man in Krugersdorp ~ NEWS24

She was emotionally available after being under too much pressure had no choice but to force herself by getting it from that vulnerable man, anyhow the law must take part in this criminality as it is very sensitive matter to the victim. She was wrong and deserves prison sentence. But I don't agree with this sentencing as men get 15 years for raping babies and grannies I think she got life just because she's a woman

All rapists even male rapists deserve life sentences because how many elderly are suffering with that in rural areas, and have nowhere to report such. Someone said "what if she was healing the guy with her services, this service hit the whole body with electricity from head to toes, no medication can do that this woman must be set free, and I was like no how do we have people who still think like this. Some women are evil out the

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