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OPINION| Julius Malema Breaks the silence about Ramaphosa visiting the Marikana Community

Julius Malema has counted in on the matter which back Dali Mpofu is representing 328 people affected by the Marikana bloodbath. Malema says he supports the employment to have Johannesburg High Court Judge Colin Lamont recuse himself from presiding, in the R1-billion action brought against President Cyril Ramaphosa and trapping company Sibanye Stillwater. 

The employment has been brought before court by Advocate Dali Mpofu, who's representing 328 people affected by the events that unfolded in August 2012 at Marikana which left 34 miners dead. 


According to Mpofu, Lamont allegedly discovered and dealt his R200 000 shares, 20 days after he was given the responsibility to judge the case, Mpofu said that a day after Ramaphosa shot the communication which stated that the case of protesting miners wasn't a labour matter, but just plainly illicit acts, 34 mineworkers were popped down in Marikana in the North West, while Dozens of others were wounded and about 280 workers were arrested

Mpofu said that while R200 000 shares may feel insignificant to Lamont, the case involves contenders who were earning as little as R4 000 and crashed asking for R12 000. Notwithstanding, how much more should Ramaphosa be brought before the court. Mpofu while explaining that this was material yea as the claims could be proved or discredited in trial. If incendiaries of the plundering and violence can be brought to court. 

Cyril Ramaphosa who's represented by Edward Nathan Sonnenberg, argues that his communication and emails didn't constitute serviceable incitement or illegitimate conduct which led to the death of 34 mine workers. Dali Mpofu notwithstanding maintains that they're suing shareholders and Ramaphosa did to have been one of the shareholders, when Marikana death took place and is liable for what did. 

Julius Malema has also made it clear that he'll not go with Ramaphosa when he visits Marikana orphans as pressure is mounting on him to do so after so multiple bits of empty troths

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