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Parade protest


In Shock| Durban Protestors Are Back At It, They Damaging Property

There is nothing wrong with protesting but the problem comes when people protest at the wrong places. Indeed it is understandable that the government can drive citizens crazy by not providing what that promised and businesses can also do the same when it comes to payment of salaries. It is unclear what the protest is about but surely there is no need to damage property because this is economic destruction. Such things are the ones which lead to unemployment therefore they must not be condoned.

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Once unemployment increases in our country people become poor and then they turn to crime full stop when they are being caught stealing or looting from shops they make an excuse and say that it is due to poverty yet they are the ones who are creating it. We do not solve problems by creating more problems but people should find a way to make their problems known without having to destroy anything.

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