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My lawyer sold my house after I refused to be his girlfriend -A Widow Narrates.

My lawyer sold my house after I refused to be his girlfriend -A Widow Narrates

Following her refusal to accept his courting proposition, a widow has described what her lawyer did to her. The narrative of Doris Funmilola Ajiyo was recently shared with Vanguard News during a recent interview.

In the wake of being evicted from her home, a widow has appealed to well-meaning Nigerians to come to her rescue

(photos of belongings below). It is alleged that Ajiyo's stepson collaborated with her former legal representation in order to sell the home she built with her now-deceased spouse.

According to Funimilola, who was recounting her ordeal, "We were legally married in 1999 when my husband and I exchanged vows in our hometown. My profession was that of a banker at the time of the land acquisition. In order to fulfill His promise to me, we collaborated to construct the property. Because of a tragic fire catastrophe that took my husband's life, I miscarried my unborn child. For the deceased, I was able to conceive a child. The organization where my husband worked offered me to process his gratuity one day, but they required me to submit a letter of administration first. As part of my efforts to obtain the letter, I hired an attorney, Adeniran, to assist me with the process. After a few months, everything seemed to be going smoothly, until Adeniran began to make sexual overtures toward me. I, on the other hand, turned down his proposal of marriage."

Funmilola went on to explain further: "In spite of my refusal, Adeniran persisted to pursue me until I informed him that I was already pregnant by another man. When Adeniran found out about the situation, he became enraged and threatened to take away my government assistance. Death threats began to arrive through text message on my phone before I discovered an evacuation notice posted outside my door. Reverend Otaomele is alleged to have purchased my building, according to the letter. He reminded me of his threat when I contacted him to discuss the development with him. The original documentation for the building as well as my personal papers were accidentally delivered to Adeniran while he was completing the letter of administration. Afterwards, he collaborated with my stepson on the sale of my property. Since then, I've been detained by security personnel on a number of occasions as a result of this incident. Despite the fact that he would have killed me for the sake of his religion, Rev. Otaomele, a retired security officer, spared me. Because of this, I was evicted from my home and had to spend all of my savings to secure bail money."


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