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Video of an African woman plating a white girl had whites and blacks arguing about racism

A video of an African woman plating a white girl is trending on twitter and it had people talking. The 28 seconds video was friend posted by @shannonsharpeee captioned "Bro, I'm in tears, she is in pain". In the video, a woman is braiding a girl and she is crying. Black people accused white people of black fishing while white people accused black people of racism. They told them they did not invent cornrows and everyone is free to do what they want.

"Black people complain about racism 24/7 then jump on the first opportunity to be racist" Said @Devaneood12.

"I’ve always wanted this done to my hair. I think it would draw me closer to the black community and I would really appreciate that. I think I would look great too." Said @Gary_McStephenson.

"Getting your hair yanked on unnecessarily by the hairdresser is black trauma? Why does a little girl wanting a certain hairstyle mean she has to suffer to get there for you? Should black girls get burned every time they get their hair straightened then?" Said @JackDawKlaxon.


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