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#JusticeForNamhla Sad Info Gets Revealed About What Major Did To Namhla In The Car Boot

Gender-based violence and femicide are another pandemic that needs to be dealt with in South Africa. On a daily basis, there are people, most especially women, who die at the hands of men. Most are in the hands of men with whom they are in romantic relationships; they are supposed to be their primary protectors. Many families in South Africa have been victims of this kind of violence and lost a loved one, but even to this day, some are still seeking justice.

Due to the harsh violence that women have to deal with daily, South Africa has been ranked as one of the countries that is unsafe for women to be in. Citizens have even become so fed up to a point where they protested, pleading with the government to do something about the rate of gender-based violence in the country. Other countries even joined in. In support of South African women, the government has assured citizens that it would do something, but to this day, nothing has been done and women are still being brutally murdered.

Social media has been abuzz after the news was shared of another woman who was shot nine times in front of her own home in Mtata. South Africans are seeking justice for Namhla Mtwa after more information was revealed that her partner, known as "Major," was abusing her for the 17 years that they have been together. Images and WhatsApp texts were revealed showing how brutally the beautiful Namhla was beaten, and she had swollen eyes and marks on her body.

It was also shared that while she was dating the man who goes by the name of Major, he got married, and when she found out, she wanted to leave him. But Major had control and power over her life. She wanted to leave many times but could not. Citizens are still shocked by the many things that were revealed about how she was treated in the relationship. Another shocking thing shared was that Major put Namhla in the boot of the car and drove with her from Mtata to Durbn while the wife was in the car. This is just one of the many sad things Namhla had to endure until her death.

Justice for Namhla.

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