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Family reject Mark Zuckerberg’s offer, sue him for their father’s death

Family rejects offer from Mark Zuckerberg and sues him for their father's passing.

According to Hawaii News Now, Mark Zuckerberg is being sued for negligence and wrongful death by the family of a security guard who worked at the internet tycoon's sizable Hawaiian estate and passed away in 2019.

According to a lawsuit brought against Zuckerberg's company, Pilaa Land, LLC, Rodney Medeiros, 70, passed away from a heart attack in August 2019 while working as a part-time, seasonal security guard on the Koolau Ranch resort in Kauai owned by the CEO of Meta.

The 70-year-old ex-sugar cane worker was put in charge of keeping an eye on the Pilaa beach, which was located on their 1,412-acre Kauai compound at the foot of a steep slope, as part of the social media executive's security detail.

The daughter of Medeiros said that her father was driven to his station at the beginning of each shift and then transported back up the hill at its conclusion.

"They would ride a Kawasaki Mule to take him to his station. In an interview with the local TV channel, Ziba Medeiros said that once his shift ended, "they would go down and pick him up and bring him back up."

With all the traffic on the road, getting to her father's house had become hard.

By the time the 70-year-old shift old's finished at 6 o'clock on August 19th, the path to her father's house had grown impassable with the automobiles on the property, Ms. Medeiros observed, forcing him to make the arduous trek up the mountain.

By the time he ended his job at six o'clock on August 19, Ms. Medeiros said, the road to her father's house had become impassable with the automobiles on the property, and the 70-year-old was forced to make the strenuous climb up the steep hill on foot.

It is a "cliff," Ms. Medeiros told the news agency, and "it drops on both sides."

After a while, a different security guard working for the Zuckerbergs grew worried when he realized his colleague hadn't come back from the bottom of the hill. The guard rushed outside to find Medeiros and found him leaning against a tree with his chest held high.

Ben LaBolt, a spokesperson for the Zuckerberg family office, told Hawaii News Now that one of the workers at the huge Zuckerberg estate was an on-site doctor.

According to Mr. LaBolt, the medical expert then assisted the injured security guard and made sure he was "alert and communicative" before an ambulance took him to Wilcox Hospital.

Hours after being pronounced dead, a cardiologist's investigation would subsequently show, according to Hawaii News Now, that "the physical stress of mounting the hill was a crucial part that prompted the acute episode."

The security guard's daughter wouldn't find out about her father's tragic passing until the next day.

According to the attorneys representing the Medeiros in the lawsuit, the 70-year-death would have been prevented if the compound's automobiles had been equipped with tires that were more suitable for the terrain they frequently had to go over.

It didn't have to happen, according to attorney Michael Green, who is being supported in the case by Michael Stern. According to the analysis of the duo, the estate's four-wheelers could have been upgraded for less than $1,000, enabling them to safely drive in heavy downpours.

The lawsuit's attorneys claim that a week after the gathering on the Medeiros' home, a security manager for the Zuckerberg family reportedly met with them. The Zuckerberg family filmed the conversation between their representative and Mark and his wife, Priscilla, during which they conveyed their sadness at Medeiros' demise.

A few days later, they received a letter in the mail informing them that decision had already been made for them.

In the end, they wrote us a check for $7,500, Ms. Medeiros said in a Hawaii News Now interview, adding that at first she thought the gesture was "kind" but that, upon more contemplation, she realized it was a sneeze for a couple of billionaires.

"It costs $7,500 for the life of our father. Does this imply that it is now ok? She uttered.

Mr. LaBolt acknowledged in a statement sent to Hawaii News Now that the $7,500 donated to the Medeiros family was a gift "given by Mark and Priscilla," with the funds' intended use being "to assist with burial and funeral fees."


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