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" South Africans Were Looting Our Goods" - Illegal Immigrant Speaks Out.

" South Africans Were Looting Our Goods" - Illegal Immigrant Speaks Out. 

It has been a week since the movement against illegal foreigners started. Under the Operation Dudula movement South Africans have managed to get rid of Foreign people's stalls, burn their goods and even evict them from their rental places. 

The movement has been controversial as people have different views to it. Others deem it as Xenophobic while others see the movements necessary as South Africans are acting out due to poverty and unemployment. 

Zimbabwean Human Right Activist have been visiting the illegal immigrants that have been evicted to share more on their experiences. One illegal immigrant shared that South Africans were looting and burning their goods even though they made it seem like they were not taking anyone's goods. 

Basically not only were the foreigners being evicted, their things were stolen by the same South Africans that claim that the foreigners have been taking their jobs and hijacked their businesses. 

The attacks on foreign nationals started at the Bara Taxi Rank where people's business stalls were burn down. The movement continued to happen in townships where illegal immigrants have been evicted from their rentals. The Operation Dudula movement has been happening alongside the Put South Africans first movement which demand that South Africans should be put first when it comes to employment. Especially employment that does not demand special skills.

Human Rights Activists has blamed all this fighting that has been happening on the failure of African governments to make their countries functional enough to support their citizens and provide them with basic needs, jobs and better conditions. Perhaps it is true that our governments are to blame because if they were doing things right, we would not find ourselves in this positions.

Do you think it is right for South Africans to steal Illegal immigrants belongings? Share your thoughts down below..


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