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Mashaba says those implicated in state capture should be charged, see the reaction of SA

If criminal charges are not instituted against those implicated in the State Capture Report within 7 days, I will take lay criminal charges myself.

If you stand with us, & want to see ACTION, you can co-sign my letter to Shamila Batohi

You run for state capture and leave the current burning one Phalaphala, How much of public money got stolen in phalaphala or simply put, was the money stolen their public? State money and state resources were used to the tune of R20m… #PhalaPhalaFarm. Nothing will happen until 2024, we know it. Even the courts are dysfunctional, Not only will nothing happen. Things are going to get exponentially worse. Think famine, war, plague etc. We have to brace for impact. Lol comrade Mashaba, you always do this when you and your spaza shop party are running out of funds. Criminal charges based on gossip, we are not that gullible, Ya so that suspects on prove their innocence; hence some inmates are called suspects as they got incarcerated/arrested based on suspicions.

It will never happen, relax. ANC does things its own way. If people in Parliament are failing, how will you do it. Maybe get more xenophobes on the ground to tell people foreigners are responsible for crime & unemployment, if you get in power u will send them home, you will win in 2024. Continue driving away supporters went mashaba, you will be crying the same tears as eff come 2024. We're watching, forget about the Zondo report. It is full of gossip, let's leave the gossip and deal with real cash. I mean real cash that was found in US dollars inside the phala phala farm. I mean, if they fail to arrest the president with such evidence then forget about the zondo gossip, what about phala phala where there's clear evidence? Let's forget about Zondos gossip commission that is selective, What about Phalaphala? Who is your Handler Mashaba ? You are conflicted, you don’t love justice n you don’t love this country. Wrong move and wrong word to use... Instead, your charges must be against NPA not implicated persons. 

Unless you intend to stand against all “implicated persons” in courts and NPA will have to rest.

If you single one person, you're exposing your politics. Think smart. 


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