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Time And Date Of A Protest Strike That Could Happen This Week

Time And Date Of A Protest Strike That Could Happen This Week

Date: 2021/10/06

Cosatu (Congress of the South African Trade Unions) is planning a strike this week, this comes after they decided this country is in a state of disaster when it comes to the economy and unemployment which is way out of hand.

The big question is how is that going to help anyone when the country is already under distress, marching and not creating things or opportunities for the youth will just cause more mayhem than the problems we have already.

The strike is scheduled for Thursday which is the 7th of October 2021 from all business hours that are going to happen. The trade unions have to a decision of whether they want this country to prosper or not because if not they will continue with their strikes which will not help anyone.

These things must be organized, they cannot just wake up and decide that we are going on strike tomorrow, do they know how much money will be wasted for bosses and company owners and the tax revenue that could have been collected by the government, if they continue with the strike it will have a big effect on the economy which will take more than two days to recover.

The companies have not prepared for this strike, and this is not going to be taken lightly, also the unemployment level amongst the youth, the future is great but better if trade unions work with and for the people and not their egos, which is just going to be a major problem for the down the line in the future because we have to learn and apply ourselves and not do the same mistakes over which led us the state that this economy is already in. The ideas should be implemented in the right way not just as a surprise to people.


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