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Warning to women to becareful of foreigners | They want to use women to obtain citizenship |Post

The immigrants that are living in South Africa of various neighbouring countries are accused of countless things by local South Africans, not only are they accused of stealing jobs and occupying entry-level jobs which are not in line with the constitution for accrediting immigrants to live in South Africa, they are accused of committing crimes in variety such as rape, hijacking, human trafficking, buildings, killings, fraud, scamming obtaining fraudulent documents and occupying positions that are not to be occupied by immigrants, however immigrants usually say and tease South Africans, that they are lazy and don't want to work, the accused South Africans of being stupid and that immigrants are helping South Africans, they are hard workers and are educated but South Africans then ask if they are educated and hard workers but the country which they come from does not show the hard work which they say they have, immigrants are asked the question of why is it that they don't want to travel and live in the countries to which they come from because they are not wanted in South Africa by South Africans, local South Africans have even accused immigrants that in pursuit to be in the country, they obtain documents illegally and that there are countless immigrants living in South Africa with fraudulent documents and occupying positions in various organisations that are not to be occupied by immigrants, they have been accused of deliberately marrying vulnerable South African women in order to obtain IDs and citizenship in the country.

The online Post is asking South African women to Be careful and be looking out because men that are immigrants would be considering to lure and marry South African women to obtain a South African citizens using women.



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