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Parade protest


Another Strike Again.


A couple of students at Mangosuthu University of Technology in Kwazulu-natal are protesting. They burning tyres, stones and bricks placed in the middle of Mangosuthu Highway.

 It was said that most of these students who are busy protesting do not even qualify to be in varsity, they are being given a chance to further their studies with their own money but they don’t want.

This is why companies don’t hire graduates anymore because now we’re no longer diplomats, just a bunch of protesters who complain about everything. Therefore the university management should also address student issues early before we resort to such measures.

It was said that the Bush will always come out even when they wear a suite. Put their names on a system so that companies can make sure not to employ people that destroy stuff if they are unhappy. Let them stay unemployed forever.The situation is tricky because one raised the question that if we were to provide free education for everyone then how will universities survive, in terms of maintaining the university, paying the employees and many other things?.

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Mangosuthu Highway Mangosuthu University of Technology


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