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Skeem Saam: MaNtuli is planning to tell nothing but the truth to the court against Meikie

MaNtuli tells it all


Sources: Skeem Saam Twitter page

MaNtuli and Meikie Maputla have been the best of friends for decades now, but it all came into an end when Mantuli revealed that her son Zamokuhle is John Maputla's son, Meikie was furious at her friend and she did not take any time to end her friendship with MaNtuli.

Meikie wanted to kill MaNtuli and her son Zamokuhle because she felt that they wanted to take her husband and the whole of her empire from her. She both shot them and they were injured very badly.

Meikie's trial has started this week and MaNtuli is going to be one of the witnesses to testify against her. Mantuli is ready to tell it all to the court about how much Meikie Maputla has hurt her and her son during the shooting. MaNtuli wants her former bestfriend to go to prison because she does not feel safe around her anymore.

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