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Heartbreaking Picture Of A Woman Collapsing At The Magistrate Court Left Mzansi In Tears watch video


#InPictures: Today at Harare magistrate court, Mary Chiwenga collapses.

The citizens of Zimbabwe are not feeling sorry for this woman after she was seen collapsing on her way to Harare magistrate court today in a video. She is the former wife of Zimbabwe's Vice President. When he was in the hospital, she was accused of taking money from him and attempting to kill him.

The Harare Magistrate's Court was where Marry was. This follows Chiwenga's allegation that Marry obtained a marriage testament fraudulently while he was legitimately sick and handicapped. Mubaiwa is now being accused of creating Chiwenga's marks in order to legalize their relationship.

Zimbabweans are unconcerned since she contributed to the country's decline, and she should be aware that she was overly ambitious. Zimbabweans are a sad and shameful nation that will never recover. Who are they to criticize her for being truthful? We're all flawed, and we've all had to learn the hard way. What she is going through is horrendous, and no human being should have to go through it. This woman's plight is one that I sympathize with. My heart is throbbing. You are still a human being, no matter how wrong you are, and you deserve to be treated as such.

Some argue that she is merely acting and that they should disregard her. Wasn't she one of the laughing stock when regular Zimbabweans were treated this way? We always get into arguments with the Musasa project's women about little matters like washing plates. Isn't this the place where they may start hash tags and unite with other women?

Zimbabweans will have to explain why they allowed this to happen to Marry Mubayiwa at some point. Please provide the answers here so that we can make a single statement


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