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Here is to whether Eskom is to blame for the death of a protester after the disconnections

The Eye-Witness News reported the death of a protester who died after the power utility company employees had disconnected all the illegal electricity connections in Alexandra. The protesters are alleged to have blocked the road and tried to make entry into a mall upon which a security guard reportedly opened fire leading to the death of one of the protesters.

It is clear therefore that Eskom was not responsible for the shooting as they did their work and left.

The protests against the Eskom company were uncalled for as well. There is danger in illegal power connections, and Eskom was saving their lives. The members of the society need to take their grievances to the government and not the power company.

The government needs to plan and ensure that every person has access to basic needs and services.

Electricity is important to people, but they should not indulge in illegal activities to have access to it. Instead of endangering themselves, there are various options from which to get more reliable and safe energy sources. There are affordable power generators that can be purchased by people. The power generators are in different sizes to fit the budget and needs of the people.

It is safer and more reliable to use generators as there is no worry about overload shedding or power cuts. As long as fuel is available, one will be ready and safe. Solar energy is another energy source that can be considered by residents. There will be no need to demonstrate on the streets over solar energy as it is free from such.

Residents are always disappointed over the lack of proper service delivery by Eskom, but there is no disappointment in using Solar energy as nobody owns or controls it.

Why not save yourself from disappointments from Eskom by shifting to other energy sources?

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