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Johannesburg woman dismissal for refusing to take Covid 19 Jabs.

The firing of a Johannesburg woman for refusing to take the Covid-19 vaccine was justifiable, according to the CCMA.

The Commission for Conciliation, Mediation, and Arbitration (CCMA) has concluded that a woman's dismissal was justified because she refused to get vaccinated.

Theresa Mulderij of Johannesburg worked at Goldrush Group as a business and training officer. She had been employed by the company since 2018 and was paid R13,000 per month before she was fired.

After being sacked from her work for refusing to be vaccinated against Covid-19, she went to the CCMA to file a complaint for unfair dismissal. Her case was scheduled for a hearing on January 10th, during which she would be the sole witness. The decision was made on January 20.

After three months of consultations with employees and unions, Goldrush informed the CCMA that mandatory vaccination had been adopted.

Employees who attended the consultations were given an overview of the benefits of vaccination. Mulderij, on the other hand, refused to be immunized.

According to a corporate official, she could not be placed in any other job because she dealt with site owners and other staff.

Mulderij claimed it was her constitutional right to be exempted from vaccinations in her defense.

She faced "severe" social pressure and emotional distress as she had to choose between her job and the vaccine.

She was concerned about what the vaccine would do to her and the potential negative effects.

Mulderij said she had given her decision a lot of thought, and while she respected others' decision to get immunized, she wanted to be treated with the same respect.

She had followed government-initiated measures since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. She had not been infected, and she did not feel she was a carrier.

Mulderij had requested for an exemption clause in the company's policy, which was denied, according to CCMA commissioner Lungile Matshaka.


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