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Officers threaten to shoot down protesters at disputed mine

On Monday the 25th of October 2021, chaotic scenes were experienced at one mining site in South Africa. There seemed be a full flagged war was about to break out as a group of protesters was at loggerheads with a team of security guards. Community members are said to be the ones who have shut down Bushveld Mine in the North West. Private security has been called in to disperse the crowd and it is being alleged to be employing intimidation tactics.

A video was shared which showed that all is not well as enraged community members have gathered at the entrance to the mine. What is however worrying is the fact that the owner of this mine is being said to be in the UK while a manager who was identified as Mojapelo is also not in attendance.

The security personnel had to do all that is in its hands to contain the situation as tempers flared. It is being alleged by the protesters that the security have been threatening to shoot them down despite the fact that the protesters are exercising their constitutional right. Protesters claim that they are being ordered to move away from the gate or else a bullet storm is going to follow up shortly.

On the other hand, the protesters who are said to be community members are stating that they were given a permit to protest and handover the memorandum to the owners of this mine. From the look of things, it seems like the security are defending the property as they fear that the disgruntled community members are capable of vandalizing the mine.

It is widely being rumoured that this mine must close down indefinitely. The owners are being accused of being arrogant and are disregarding the life of the community members. Should we say that a case which could have been easily settled is being blown out of proportion by the media? Many are just hopeful that this will not soon become yet another Marikana massacre.

To watch the scenes at the gate of the mine, you can click this link.


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