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Xenophobia and racism in south africa

Xenophobia and racism has been on everyone's mouth because of recent events that has happened.

Remember the story of the young black student's who's stationery was peed on by a white student.

Xenophobia raised its ugly head in the country recently. It's a reminder that it and racism are still very much alive.

Here are comments on the issue of xenophobia in our country

"This emotional blackmail is no longer going to work on us. Every country is prioritizing it's citizens and going to a country illegally is a crime, why should South Africa be any different."

"The word Xenophobia is spread by those who sitting comfortably in their studios and those expects and those in the studios are being told what to do by biased producers and they are being paid for that there is no Xenophobia in South Africa now they are trying to mix it with Racism. This politicians are responsible for this mess like journalist they both do not understand what is happening in the ground in each and every country its Citezens comes first"

"There is no xenophobic in SA but racism is still kicking people are bottling up anger and is building up"

"To stop xenophobic attacks you must listen to people's can't have a meeting alone and say you attacking issues we have in South Africa.. people are facing those issues everyday,not silver spoon people with high walls and malls next to their houses, private hospitals build just for them..."

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