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A guy who was robbed his health in hospital after they did this to him at birth seeking justice

This is Londiwe .Londiwe is Cerebral Palsy since birth. She was injured during birth. Londiwe’s parents fought the case against the Department of Health and won the case.

2 years after the money was paid to their Lawyer's account, Londiwe’s parents are still struggling to access the funds for Londiwe to get the best care she deserves.

The problem is the creation of the trust. For some reason the judge limited Mthethwa’s to open the trust with ABSA bank only because ABSA was nominated as independent trustee, Absa Bank is now saying as parents they don't have a single say in a day to day caring of Londiwe.

ABSA presented Londiwe’s parents with a trust deed that excludes them completely as parents to parent their daughter which was not the intention of the court. ABSA was nominated to actually assist Londiwe’s parents to invest the monies, not to parent their daughter.

Ironically, when Londiwe’s parents are still busy fighting the case, They received an eviction order from ABSA, including Londiwe being evicted to go to the street in her condition, yet today ABSA is claiming that they care better for Londiwe more than her parents.

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