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SEĒ|| 3 Whites Who Helped South Africans Defeat Apartheid

It seems like to the outside world and the internet, the system of apartheid only affected Blacks, Indians and Coloureds but that's far from the truth, some Whites were actually affected too

YES! you read that right, contrary to what most people believe or would like to believe, some white people were deeply saddened and concerned about the harsh treatment of apartheid it had bestowed upon Black, Indians and Coloureds, this is despite the system favouring them.

Black people need to understand that not all white people are racists, its naive for blacks to have that train of thought. Sometimes not everything as it seems on the naked eye, with that said, as the human race, we have to think more with our heads and not with our emotions, this will help us understand things much better with insight.

YES some whites hated the apartheid system but still, they were powerless to do anything about it, as they were severe repercussions had they tried.

Many were scared to go against their own but very few couldn't just sit and watch injustice being done to other people simply for their skin colour, check them out below:

01. Denis Goldberg

Denis Goldberg went against his own people to fight the system they designed to enslave blacks. He was one it the Rivonia trialists and also spent 22 years in jail for trying to overthrow the government.

02. David Pratt

David Pratt is very unsung hero. He tried to kill Hendrik Verwoerd in 1960 after shooting him multiple times but sadly, he couldn't aim he's fun well.

Now the very fact that he saw the necessity to kill Verwoerd, the engineer apartheid, is enough reason for Mr Pratt to be considered a hero.

03. Dimitri Tsafendas

Another unsung hero who deserves a statue. He's the one who actually succeeded in eliminating Hendrik Verwoerd.

It was during Parliament in Cape Town that Dimitri saw an open gap to shoot Hendrik Verwoerd and unlike Mr Pratt he didn't miss. 

Sadly for Dimitri, he was imprisoned for life for committing this murder at the now Kgosi Mampuru Prison.

Someone's death shouldn't be celebrated at all but under this circumstances, the fact that the killing was committed on Verwoerd, who enjoyed seeing other people's misery, should be enough reason for us to pop champagne.





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