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OPINION | The issue at Stellenbosch is an act of an individual his acts don't represent all whites


We need to ask ourselves why, why today with the current anti white racial sentiments in this country, would a white person do something like this then I got to thinking, it's been a while since we have had a racially charged incident at a institution of learning or in any other setting so we are overdue for another one, then along comes this incident. Is it real or fabricated to keep the racist tension flame burning I cannot in anyway imagine why any white person in their right mind under such circumstances would do something like this, without a nefarious agenda, just seems far to convenient so before everyone kneejerks and runs off a cliff after the ball they need to think, something is not rightHis acts don’t represent a whole community of white South Africans I know this for a fact because I have countless white friends who work each day to build a better SA for everyone, let us see what the investigation reveals in the fullness of time


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