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Skeem Saam| Mantuli was left hopeless in court after tough questions from Bopape



Meikie trial is starting to cause more upset in the community of Turfloop after Bopape was throwing difficult questions on her which made this case to be difficult for the judge, to take a decision on who fault it is during the shooting that took place in July after a mother and son was shot.

Many people were start wondering about the capabilities that Bopape has as a lawyer were they were looking to have a female lawyer that will represent Meikie.

Maybe after today trial the Maputlas will understand that Bopape is still the best lawyer in Turfloop we're he might safe Meikie from going to prison.

But they are still more witnessess that will come foward to testify and this might end bad for the Maputlas.

The likes of Matlogas are also trying to use the Seakamela family to destroy Leeto and his mother which might come a reality in the weeks to come.

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