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The fact that ZANUPF or ANC are corrupt doesn’t mean we should validate racism in our countries


Dear Africans, the fact that ZANUPF or ANC are corrupt doesn’t mean we should validate racism in our countries, we should be intelligent enough to condemn both racism and corruption. Embracing racist statements because ruling parties are corrupt is a sign of Arrested Development

You can’t hate corruption and be comfortable with racism that seeks to erase our lived experiences on account of the fact that ruling parties are corrupt, any system that rewards on the basis of a skin color is corrupt. Any system that seeks to ignore the impact of such realities is evil and should be rejected

Both racists and the corrupt should be condemned without one hiding behind the other because they are equally the same, we want a society that is not corrupt and that gives equal opportunities regardless of the color of your skin or eyes, as Bob Marley and Haile Selassie said, until the colour of a man's skin is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes, there will always be problems

But the biggest threat to africans is not racism but dictatorship, corruption and incompetence. Its our own leaders who are our biggest threat. More africans have died in the hands of African governments in the last 50 years, than during the whole 400 years of transatlantic slavery. Go to any African country and ask what are people most worried about, racism doesn't even make the list. People want jobs, good health care, good education for thier kids and a caring governmentAll this talk about racism this, racism that is just a diversion from the failures of African governments. They have felt to deliver and must admit it, hiding behind the banner of racism doesn't solve the problem. Can we look at Ghana for example, it got independence on the same day as Malaysia. On that day Ghana's GDP was higher than Malaysia's. Decades later Malaysia is a developed country and Ghana is the poverty capital of the world, was this down to racism too? 

By the way what causes racism? Poverty and unemployment are the biggest contributors of racism. And who is making us unemployed and poor? Is it racism too? Look at the Chinese. When you were in London in 1994 what did they call the Chinese back then? Were they not derogatory called "Yellow people" the Chinese never complained because they understood the best way to beat racism is through growth and development. Fast forward to 2021 who dares call a Chinese a yellow man

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