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Immigration policy

Unexpected || South Africans taking it to another level to deal with Illegal Foreigners.

Root out corruption at South African Home Affairs and boarder controls. Me as citizens we must desist from jumping on the band wagon of foreigners. South Africans must deal with these issues systematically with the requisite consideration, maturity and rationality. Because honestly hate is not the solution at all.

South Africa is now over populated and the State doesnt even know how many illegal and legal Foreigners are in South Africa, and Most of "legal" are not legal cause they know they bought those documents. We are concerned about the millions of Unemployed South Africans, and we are too vocal against illegal immigrants who are occupying jobs that were meant for the Unemployed Citizens. South African borders are so porous and Anc is doing nothing about that. Why are South African nation not doing what other countries in the continent are doing? Why is it so difficult for your party to deport illegal foreigners?So many South Africans keep on asking themselves so many questions, like why south african government forcing them to accommodate illegal foreigners in their community, while other countries like Botswana government is protecting it's own citizens. In South Africa there's no place to hide anymore. Because masses all over South Africa will squeeze illegal foreigners. Illegal immigrants have suffocated South African economy. Police, Nurses, Doctors, etc working overtime because of illegal foreigners. Order needs to be restored in South Africa.

South Africans neeed to stop supporting Julius Malema who is busy promoting lawlessness that is done by illegal foreigners in our country. Because Julius Malem and his family are living in gated areas with security 24/7. Stop supporting his non sense. Illegal foreigners are destroying South Africa. In other foreign countries they don’t draw a distinction between legal and illegal foreigners. No foreigner is allowed to operate in reserved sectors. In South Africa they will tell you of permits. The Anc hate South Africans.

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