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OPINION| White South Africans Are the Most Amazing People

White South Africans are most amazing people, because they did not witness apartheid, they did not see it or hear anything that is racist. They loved National Party and voted it every time, all they heard about was terrorists like Nelson Mandela and uMkhonto Wesizwe, some saw terrorists violence but not the violent oppressor of blacks. Not even one of white say apartheid was evil, not even one is a raclsts but Africans are still living under economic racism through systemic exclusion and they do not see nor hear it. However they hate land restitution, they oppose Radical Economic Transformation. They call it theft from whites, they are very comfortable with everything but only corruption and crime is a problem in their eyes any injustice is non of their business

Failing the land return will be placed on the head of Ramaphosa and the ANC of his time, the entire African will remeber him as a sellout who let down black South Africans. Generations to come will spit in his grave. He received payment from enemies of land restorative justice and try to hide it. ANC have nothing to leave as a legacy that will remain for generations. Even the RDP house they build is not only small but is of poorest quality. The governance of ANC is not democratic as they claimed to be fighting for liberation and democracy, they got nothing of what many died for no land, no democracy and no economic freedom and no decent living

Personally I think we are like the israelites because we took back our land from our former colonisers and started ruling ourselves, same as what the israelites did. But over time we started criticizing ourselves whilst ruling ourselves and now most of us wish we were still colonized. We've forgotten that we were oppressed under the white minority rule. Same as the israelites who forgot that they were slaves in egypt, but instead wanted to go back to egypt, only remembering the good times that they ate well in egypt though they were slaves. Zimbos and South Africans in the same way wish our countries were still colonized.

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