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Watch : Sh0cking As Mpumalanga Residents Destroy Municipal Building In Service Delivery Protests.

Video :!Ap0eg8BKWMPInTteGZnB3ywsg0cg

A volatile situation in Leandra Mpumalanga, Residents torched municipal property which include a Thusong centre and vehicles. They want the municipality to provide them land for human settlement.

This was in the heat of the protests that have gripped the country and province, citizens are showing a lot of discontent through their displays of anger where they are torching municipal buildings as well as destroying anything that they could get their hands on in order to get their point across.

The service delivery protests come at an inopportune time when the country is dealing with the coronavirus crisis yet, members of the public are concerned with their lives being adversely affected by the leaders' decisions to cut economic activities in order to make way for a successful recovery.

Usually in these protests there would be roads closed and tires being burnt because of service delivery, the Mpumalanga community felt like that was not enough because that was inconveniencing the members of the public and not the municipal workers and their officials.

So they went on and destroyed a municipal building, completely burning it to the ground. Showing how upset they were with the way things were being run, the country has had independence from the whites for a long time now yet nothing seems to be progressing in a positive manner.

Just last week the residents of Standerton, Mpumalanga were in a massive protest for service delivery where water and electricity was being interrupted for more than a month. This completely sent the citizens off and, on a rampage, where they destroyed a municipal office building to show their anger.

There are reports that this disruption or failure to provide service delivery to small towns is affecting the economy in a very bad way, the municipalities are failing to provide basic service delivery to these communities and businesses.

This includes their failure to provide adequate water, sanitation, electricity, roads and other infrastructure that is crucial to the progress and development of these municipalities. Leaving its citizens with very little means to fend for themselves.

The national government is seeking foreign investment yet these towns need more than investment, they were great not so long ago and they were thriving. What had landed them in such a state is the reason that has to be dealt with by the leaders of this country.

What they are doing is trying to fill up a sieve with water, if they fail to curb the corruption at the municipal levels, nothing will change. They keep pumping funds in these municipalities only to see them disappear in thin air.

I would like to hear your opinion, leave comment down below. How can South Africa get out of this mess?

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